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Supporting carers

Carers work incredibly hard, looking after relatives and friends. Our support can mean that they can get a well needed break without having to worry, or it can provide them with additional peace of mind. We work with a range of carers, from mother's who care for children with health problems, through to those who have a loved one with dementia. We tailor our support to suit your needs.

A mother who has a child with health problems uses our devices to give her extra peace of mind at home. Our movement detectors alert her if her child has got out of bed. This means that she can relax when she goes to bed, or is located in another part of the house. Something as simple as this has made a significant difference to her daily life.

At the other extreme, our Mindme device has allowed those with dementia to continue to do the activities they love, while being safe in the knowledge that they can be found if they go missing.

We understand how difficult it is being a carer and so you can be assured that we are here to help and offer any support that we can. Whether you want to pop out to the shop, walk the dog, take a break, or even sort the washing out upstairs, our solutions give you the reassurance and confidence you need to do this.

We also run the carer's alert card scheme, which means that if anything happens to you, we can alert a friend or a relative that they need to help the person that you care for. 

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