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Supporting care professionals

We work with a wide variety of care professionals from healthcare professionals, the emergency services, social workers, care homes and sheltered housing associations.

We are here to help you get people back on their feet quicker and give them the support to return to their own home or accommodation to live an independent life.

Our online referral form allows you to send your client's details to us safely and securely, so that we can quickly respond to their needs and give them the support that they require.

We are also able to provide additional support to your client, by making sure that they access council or community services that may benefit them, such as home adaption grants and falls prevention courses.

We've also designed our brochure especially with health professionals in mind, so that you can identify suitable solutions at a glance. Please let us know if you haven't already got a copy.

As your local provider, we want to work with you to make sure that our local communities are getting the best possible support to help them to live safely and independently.

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