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Chichester Dementia Alliance

We work in partnership with those who suffer from dementia and their carers, as well as promote Chichester as a Dementia Friendly community. In addition, we share ideas and best practice with many other organisations in the alliance. We are able to signpost to information, resources and products to help those in need.


Our Vision

  • To work in partnership with people with dementia and their carers, and ensure they provide a focus for all activities undertaken.
  • Promote and sustain Bognor Regis and Chichester as Dementia Friendly communities.
  • In addition, share ideas and best practice during the development of dementia friendly communities in Selsey and Midhurst and other surrounding areas.
  • Services should also be made available to people who do not have a formal diagnosis of dementia, as well as those that have a formal diagnosis.



  • Take forward priority service improvements as determined by the National Dementia Strategy and local priorities

  • Be outward facing reaching people with needs and those providing/commissioning services

  • Highlight the most significant range and type of needs of people with dementia and their carers

  • Map onto the above needs the services currently offered

  • Identify gaps or issues in service provision

  • Ensure every professional/organisation has the same full picture of services

  • Take steps on a priority basis to fill those gaps and tackle the issues

  • Consider funding sources to meet increased services

  • Improve service links and coordination, avoiding duplication

  • Support professional growth, using joint training to improve understanding of and response to dementia

  • Understand the national and local planning 

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