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Temperature extreme sensor

Careline sensors can play a vital role in protecting vulnerable people from the adverse effects of heat or cold.

Product information

Dimensions:83 x 109 x 37mm (WxHxD)
Range:Up to 50 metres (typical)
Power Supply:3 x AAA batteries
Battery Life:2 years

If the room temperature is rapidly rising, or rises above the high temperature level, the sensor will automatically send an alert through the central Careline home unit to the Careline centre, relatives or carer.

The sensors will also send an alert if the temperature drops too low, for example, if you have not put your heating on, or if there is a power failure.

Providing an advanced warning of a potentially hazardous temperature enables you to take preventative action, such as opening or closing windows, or making sure you are drinking enough water.

For more information on this product, please see the attached Tunstall Factsheet.

The price shown for this product is in addition to the Careline unit and pendant.
Some products require a home visit before installation.

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