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Passive infra red detector

A passive infra red (PIR) wireless movement detector can be used for both activity and inactivity monitoring, including being used as an intruder alarm system.

Product information

Dimensions:60x90x45mm (WxHxD)
Range:Up to 50 metres (typical)
Battery life:18 months

The detector checks to see if a client is moving around at certain times throughout the day and will alert the Careline centre if the detector does not see movement such as when a client has fallen or has failed to get up in the morning.

The detector can also be configured to act as an intruder alarm with a remote alarm/disarm trigger for ease of use. 

For more information on this product, please see the attached Tunstall Factsheet.

The price shown for this product is in addition to the Careline unit and pendant.
Some products require a home visit before installation.

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