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Bogus caller button


Bogus caller buttons are also called 'panic buttons'.

  • Careline Bogue caller product image
  • Careline Bogus caller product image

Product information

Dimensions:48.5 x 16 x 47.5mm (WxHxD)
Range:Up to 50 metres (typical)
Battery life:5 years

They can be installed next to your front door or beside your bed.  This allows you to simply press the button and raise an alarm if you fear that a bogus caller or burglar is trying to break in to your property.  Chichester Careline can then listen in to the situation and intervene, perhaps calling the police if necessary.

Because the monitoring centre operator can be heard, this often deters potential intruders.

The price shown for this product is in addition to the Careline unit and pendant.
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