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Bed occupancy sensor

A bed occupancy sensor provides an early warning alert that you have left your bed or chair and have not returned within a preset time period.

Product information

Dimensions:245 x 762 x 3mm (WxLxD)
Range:Up to 50 metres (typical)
Battery Life:Battery - 2 years
Sensor Life:1 year

The bed occupancy sensor consists of a bed pressure pad, which is placed underneath the mattress of the user. 

When linked to the Careline unit, the bed sensor assists carers to manage the risks associated with independent living by raising an alarm should the user get out of bed and not return by a certain time.  The sensor can also raise an alert if the user doesn't go to bed by a certain time or doesn't get up by a certain time in the morning, in order to help identify potential issues at an early stage.

The sensor can also be programmed to switch on lights.

For more information on this product, please see the attached Tunstall Factsheet.

The price shown for this product is in addition to the Careline unit and pendant.
Some products require a home visit before installation.

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